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The core philosophy of both Moonridge Academy and of Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center is that there is greatness within each of us. We all have a special place where courage, love, hope, honor, and dreams live, where strength and ability lay waiting to be used. This is the “real” us.

Most of us—and virtually all at-risk adolescents—live our lives ignoring our strength and our abilities and act, instead, in ways that destroy our happiness and peace. Before coming to our program, our girls have been conditioned by society, media, friends, and sometimes even family members to focus attention on their weaknesses and their perceived failures. Oblivious to their potential and greatness, these wonderful, capable girls are spiraling downward in self-destruction.

The Personal Greatness Program is the result of much study and research into teenage depression and behaviors. It is a unique, self-paced journey of personal discovery that helps our girls tear down the wall of self-hatred and build a new wall with layer upon layer of evidence of their unique talents, special gifts and abilities. Almost one hundred interactive therapeutic assignments are completed on seven different levels that focus on basic principles of happiness while the girls are in the program. An eighth level with additional learning assignments is then completed within the first thirty days of leaving campus.

Both girls and their parents repeatedly observe that girls going through the Personal Greatness Program, coupled with our intensive, age-specific therapy, rediscover what it means to become happy again and to love themselves. For many, this is the first time in a long time. The Personal Greatness Program has been widely recognized as a major factor for change in these young women.

Thank you for showing me a new path to a new life. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me…Kolob Canyon changed my life and I’ll never forget any of you.”

--C.G., Vermont

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