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There is great wisdom, we believe, in separating older and younger teenage girls in residential treatment.  Keeping a young woman around other young women who are more age appropriate is safer and more therapeutic.  Because younger students often migrate towards older, more negative influences, grouping students together by issues, age and experience allows Moonridge to build an appropriate therapeutic environment for each individual student. For a more in depth discussion about the merits of separating age populations, click here.

Moonridge Academy, a CERTS facility, is a sixteen bed, girls-only residential treatment center located in scenic Southern Utah.  It offers all of the services of a comprehensive residential treatment center—individual therapy 2 to 3 times weekly, daily group therapy, a strong family therapy component that includes Parent Weekends every other month, outstanding medication management, and fully accredited academics—without forcing a younger student to be exposed to older girl attitudes and behaviors in ways that are typical of traditional girls-only treatment centers.   Further, because our population is so well defined, Moonridge excels in using specialized therapies designed for younger students.  Click here to learn more about Moonridge’s unique clinical approach.

How We Change Lives
A typical length of stay for Moonridge Academy ranges from eight to ten months.  In some cases (adoption, severe trauma, or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) stays can be longer.  In general, Moonridge Academy’s focus on a younger student population combined with our therapeutic intensity allows us to shorten the residential treatment stay while actually increasing the long-term success rate. This is done by optimizing every element of our program to meet the needs of our specific population. These program elements include:

Limited enrollment--16 residents for a lot of individual attention

Specialized therapy group sessions that deal with adoption, trauma, and other core issues

Teaching model as opposed to the “punishment paradigm”

On-site nursing

Safe and nurturing environment

Outstanding medication management (over 20 years of psych services with great understanding of medications)

Experienced, licensed therapists with extensive training in female adolescent issues

Staff and therapists trained in DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy)

Age specific therapies (including Play and Sand Tray therapies)

Therapeutic intensity (minimum of two hours of individual therapy weekly, family therapy weekly, group therapy Monday-Friday)

Equine (horse) therapy and recreational therapy weekly

On site sports court

Personal Greatness Program

Recreational horse back riding program and regular outdoor excursions

Accredited Academics that compliment the therapeutic program

Weekly service projects

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